1     All Children must be escorted by a responsible adult/guardian who is over 18 years old. This person must stay with the child at all time. We do not hold responsibility for any supervision of children.

2     The Supporting adult is responsible for their child’s behaviour while at Teenie Town Adventures. We will not tolerate, fighting, bullying or any unruly behaviour, and anyone disobeying this could be asked to leave.

3     Each play session will last a maximum of 90 minutes. These sessions can be joined at any point, and it is to the manager’s discretion how much will be charged for late entry. But the sessions will finish at the appointed times.

4     There are No Pushchairs allowed in the play area, but we do have a pushchair park both inside and outside, we ask that this be kept tidy at all times.

5     Shoes are recommended in the play area.

6     There is no Food or drinks to be taken into the play area, this is due to health and safety.

7     If there is an accident, please report it to a member of staff immediately, so that appropriate steps can be taken.

8     We cannot be held responsible for any accident due to the lack of supervision by the parent/guardian of the child.

9     If you find a broken toy/equipment, please report it to a member of staff so it can be dealt with.

10   Please leave all toys that belong to Teenie Town Adventures behind when you leave, and if you accidentally leave something that is yours, contact us immediately so we can retrive it for you.

11   Booked Sessions are non-refundable, but they can be rescheduled if you contact us directly as soon as you are aware you can’t make it.