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Well it’s Easter already! Where did the time go, it seemed like only yesterday that TinyTown had closed down and we didn’t know if we were coming or going.

I will admit there are moments where I sit and think, have I done the right thing, but then a lovely parent or a child will come up to me in a session with such passion and thankfulness that, the feeling just disappears.

Since reopening, we’ve had lots of support from people, both parents and friends alike. I’ve got a lovely support system at home and my staff have been top dogs in the transition. They all deserve so much. You all do.

I know this is more of a dedication than a blog post, but I just wanted to thank everyone for everything they’ve done over the past few weeks, and I hope that we can create more fun moments for the children.

I’ve got a fair few events and activities in the pipeline to bring to the Darlo Play Plaza, but for adults and children alike. So keep your eyes peeled for new events and updates on our social media and on our website.

If you’re reading this then you love us and would like to see us keep going, all we ask is that you keep spreading the word and sharing our FB statuses. We would love to see more new faces and really reach out to the community to be able to offer our full potential.

We would also love to be able to help local businesses and groups develop in their activities too, so if you need our help, just give us a shout and I’ll see what we can do.


Overall…. Thankyou all for being so amazing and we look forward to the future!

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