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Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent messages asking when we'll be reopening, 

However due to personal circustances I cannot reopen. 

with that in mind I am looking for someone who may want to take on this opportunity and make it their own. 

Darlo Play Plaza is Darlington's only children's role play centre and has a fb following of 2.5K, instagram and a website which I would be happy to include. 

With the government announcing that children's play areas can reopen on the 17th, i'm aware that this is last minute, but our orignal plan has fallen through. 

If any serious offers/interest comes through this week that'll be great, if not then I will be selling off all the toys/stock/equipment.  So please keep your eyes out for any new announcements. 

I would also like to take this chance to thanks all of you who have visited or contributed over the lst 3 years. You've impacted my life and I will never forget that.